19 August 2019

A Statement from MB in re the #COV

C-Town Representin'

My friends,

Hope all is well out there. Those temps are supposed to start dropping here very soon. That'd be nice.


I've decided not to run for Whatley's seat. 
Why? Good question.

Two words: Steve Plitt 

The tomato-sandwich-givin'-out politician is all I could hope for w/ a candidate to face she-that-shall-not-be-named. 

Pro-business & pro-tax-payer, and...pro-freedom??!! Well, you had me a pro-business, brah..

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Steve Plitt 

For C-town. For the WIN!

ToNt0 Network

27 July 2019

[Staff Reports] - McCart's 4-Point Plan for Covington

Contact: McCart for GA | 678.712.8652

(North Covington, GA | 27 July '19) - 

Marshall B. McCart's 4-point Plan for Covington 

  1. Decriminalize marijuana up to an ounce. 

  2. Do away with all zoning ordinances & regulations. Like, literally, all of them...

  3. Tell MEAG to go pound sand. We're out. Sue us if you want...

  4. Not unlike Ronald Reagan's Grace Commission of 1981, set up a volunteer committee comprised of multiple Covingtonians (including at least one CPA and a couple of business owners) to find at least a 10% cut to the size, scope & taxing level of the current level of government. 
I like to keep things simple. This is simple. And I believe it'll work wonders for our beloved home city. My name is Marshall B. McCart & I approve this message! 


10 July 2019

Through the Looking Glass: TPC Editor MB McCart Entering the Fray that is the Arena of Local Politics?

Howdy, folks! Hope all is lovely out there.

Well, the other night on the Facebook I did something I've been threatening to do for many years, and that is to possibly, officially declare my intent for public office for the first time in almost two decades.


Good question.

To offer up a few words: Fleeta Baggett Smith.

It's almost fascinating as to how so many of the C-town crew; a fair amount of the TPC readership & even a couple of the Tonto Network folks, have just fallen in line with Fleeta on this thing, even though many have spoken ill of her in the past. What is the "why" here? Why have so many just embraced this supposed coronation?

One working theory:

Because she was supposedly childhood friends with Brian Kemp?

That Tim Fleming, Kemp's Chief of Staff & the rest of the usual suspects have endorsed her?

Questions abound. 

I think mostly it does have to do with Kemp. 

Because, maybe, he supports Fleeta.

I mean, that's apparently what Fleeta's been telling folks for months now. And no doubt, Fleeta is friendly with the GOV, that much seems to be true, but this isn't Georgia politics. No, this is much more involved. This is C-town politics. 

And heck, with seemingly half of Covington working for the great state of Georgia now (and the Governor's office, specifically), it seems as if this might be the case. Well, maybe - just maybe - the fact that so many Covingtonians are working in Kemp's office might be because they were qualified; or, that they really helped out on the campaign. Or, in the case of Tim Fleming, that he's been Kemp's right hand man for many years now. Not necessarily - as Fleeta might have you believe - because they were just part of the crew. That demeans their contributions & really folks - think about it - we're talking Fleeta here. You do the math...


So, what's really the real why here?

I believe it to be the old standby:


And the thirst for it, and the awe that so many seem to have for it.


With no malice in my heart, and just speaking my true opinion, I'll say this: 

The last thing our beloved home city needs right now is an anti-business, all-or-nothing sycophant looking for a bully pulpit to project her personal views and/or to settle scores from two years ago, or four years ago, or even four months ago. 


Really, though, I think maybe the biggest thing for a lot folks is what we supposedly saw two years ago, and four years before that:

The fear of a certain someone, maybe a family member, raising hell & beating on your door or calling you at home if you dare publicly support someone else or have somebody else's sign in your yard. And, you know what, I can kind of get that...

And right quick, let's get into the REAL Politick here. We saw what happened two years ago. We saw what happened four years ago. Folks ain't buying what they're selling. It ain't rocket science. But, as a fellow local political watcher mentioned to me just the other day - "just let 'em get their asses kicked again..."

Building a viable, effective & principled consensus. That is the name of the game.


Will I actually qualify come the last week of August? Am I going to officially declare, file a DOI, set up a campaign committee, etc.? Good questions all. I do know of two different folks who are both possibly thinking of throwing their hats into the ring of the COV East Ward, Post 2 race, and I believe both would be good candidates & would make good council members, but! what if neither steps up? Well, somebody's gonna have to do it, that's for damn sure. It'd probably be best for all involved if it wasn't me. But then again, it would be quite entertaining, I have no doubt.  At a minimum, I'll be checking who qualifies come late August. If need be, I'll be camped out at the Board of Elections on that Friday. 

We'll see what the future holds. 

Marshall B. "MB" McCart

18 April 2015

4th District GOP Convention Hijinks & Shenanigans?

I wasn't there but...


The following happened, per multiple sources, at the 4th Congressional District GOP convention today in Conyers, GA:

  • In violation of GA GOP bylaws, guests and spectators were not allowed into the convention.
  • All persons present were forced to turn off all electronic devices.
  • Unlike the 10th District Convention , who wisely chose not to seat anyone from Newton Co., the 4th accepted the delegates from the contested Newton Co. convention. If the appeal that is winding its way towards the State Appeals Committee is ruled in favor of (which is what multiple sources are saying will happen) then the 4th Convention will have to be redone at some point in the future.

  • Eventually at one point during the convention, a motion was made to let the disenfranchised electors in. Apparently, one person - and only one person per multiple sources - was rude when the Sergeant-at-Arms made the offer to let folks in. Then, said S-O-A told the assembled body, per multiple sources inside the chamber, that everyone was rude.
  • But folks, that's not even the issue. As stated above, per GA GOP bylaws, it is this esteemed editor's understanding that spectators and guests must be allowed at all GOP conventions. So, another strike there. But, if the original appeal is accepted at the state level (and many indications are that it will be) then there will have to be another 4th convention done at some point after Newton Co. redoes their county convention since voided and non-valid delegates were sat. But, I would think that there's a strong possibility of a fresh appeal also being filed after the train wreck that this morning seemed to be. Nothing like a GOP Congressional District Convention redo in the month of July or August (or later), eh?
  • And again, the 10th didn't seat anybody from Newton Co. per multiple sources. Of course, they're not the seemingly dysfunctional and possibly [removed per advice of counsel] bunch that the folks running the 4th seem to be. To that point, this editor has heard from multiple sources that there has been some interesting things going on with the controlling power source within 4th GOP party.
  • As a member of the Newton Co. GOP said today - this is a very broken GOP. Too bad more people weren't willing or able to stand up and do the right thing in Conyers today. It's a shame. It's all just so very unfortunate...

  • Several folks have theorized that the power structure of the 4th GOP is made up of radical progressives who all infiltrated the party over a generation ago. Most of these folks were life-long Democrats, as we're told. Are these constant and continued violations of rules and all of these bad decisions being made an attempt to try to destroy the GOP's brand in Georgia? At least a few folks, apparently, think so.

23 February 2015

East Metro Bites: 2.23.15 Edition

So much to discuss, so little time. Grab your plate and dig in: 

Newton County Politics is a hot mess right now:

Delia Fleming, Chair of the Newton Co. GOP, has decided to break GA GOP bylaws and state election law in order to maintain her and her cronies' perceived sense of power. Oh brother... 
  • Peach Pundit's coverage. Tone-deaf? Ah...that's a big 10-4!
  • Bill Simon's on the mutha! From his Political Vine e-newsletter:
    "It's not GOP-convention season without corruption taking place somewhere...
    Really?  REALLY, Newton County GOP?  You people just have to be...the most tarded county Republican party in this state (to date, this year, at least...so, you other GOP parties have some guidance now in how idiotic you can act).
    So, here's the gist of the Newton County Republican Party idiocy: After precinct mass meetings were held in February, the county party chair, Delia Fleming, sent a letter out to some of the people who were elected at the precinct mass meetings that they are "ineligible"to attend the county convention in March.  The reasoning is stated to their Newton County GOP Rules that someone has to have accumulated enough "merit points" to participate.
    The ever-so-slight problem with this letter, and her claim, is that their "party rules" are, in fact, ineligible to have any standing to be applied during this Convention Call season.  Yeah, party rules do NOT apply in any way, shape, or form during this bi-annual party reorganization process.
    The only "rules" that apply to judge eligibility of any delegate to a county convention are: 1) The 2015 Georgia GOP Convention Call, 2) the State Republican Party Rules (specifically, Rule 9.2), and 3) Robert's Rules of Order.  All three govern, and no county party's, or even a district party's, rules/by-laws have any legal standing whatsoever.
    In fact...interestingly enough, there are actually a couple of state laws (O.C.G.A.) that apply and nullify letters like the one sent by Chair Fleming:
    Georgia Election Code OCGA 21-2-111: (c) "The respective county executive committees of each political party shall formulate, adopt, and promulgate rules and regulations, consistent with law and the rules and regulations of the state executive committee, governing the conduct of conventions and other party affairs. No such rule and regulation shall be effective until copies thereof, certified by the chairperson, have been filed with the superintendent of the county."
    Fleming's letter notifying some Newton County GOP convention delegates that they have not "fulfilled the requirements of Article II-Party Membership of the Newton County Republican Party" is in direct violation of the 2015 Convention Call, et al.
    AND, there is a remedy for this via this section of OCGA, Georgia Election Code OCGA 21-2-112(a): "When the state executive committee of a political party has reason to believe that the orders, rules, or regulations of the state executive committee, relating to all party matters except the conduct of primaries, are not being, or will not be, fairly, impartially, or properly enforced or applied in any county by the county executive committee of the party in such county, the state executive committee shall issue to such county committee a written notice of opportunity for hearing."
    This letter is in violation of the State Call, and is an attempt by the Newton County GOP to act in an unfair manner against registered voters who complied with the public notice to attend the mass-precinct meeting and qualify to become a delegate.  Their county committee rules have no standing whatsoever.
    This letter from Chair Fleming is in direct violation of the law ordering them to "comply with the orders, rules, or regulations of the state executive committee" because NO SUCH "merit system" applies to delegates elected from the mass precinct meetings.
    You folks on the State Committee have been informally notified of the violation and a link to a copy of the letter.  I imagine there will be a more formal 'notification' via the many people who received such letters in Newton County...but, that process may or may not occur before the county convention.  Is the State GOP going to simply sit on their rear-end while this type of clear violation of the state committee's rules and regulations regarding the 2015 convention process remains unanswered?
    Let me put it this way: It won't be a very wise move if you ignore it, Mr. Padgett...because 2016 is just around the corner, and why would you want to encourage a lot of grief boiling over from 2015 to bleed into the 2016 cycle?  (Of course, if you ask Anne Lewis, I'm sure she'll come-up with some ridiculous, half-assed interpretation of the law that won't make sense to anyone except herself...)"

    And even I get into the act here a few days ago. 

    Also, as I understand it, this is now on the national radar and a writer from Freedom Outpost will be attending tonight's Newton GOP meeting in downtown Covington.

20 February 2015

An Open Letter to Delia Fleming


I'll never forget the first time I spoke with you. I had called you right at the beginning of 2012 to talk to you about the upcoming 2012 convention cycle. You were so mean and rude to me, and that has pretty much continued ever since.

With that said, I always had a soft spot in my heart for you. I would continuously surprise and, quite frankly, amaze people when I would stand up for you or just dismiss your social ineptness and lack of tact. Even though you've been basically horrible to me for the last three years, I couldn't help but to...like you. I've been tagged as an optimist to a fault, and someone who has always wanted to try to keep the peace, but I did truly feel that way.

That is up until yesterday when I found out what you've been up to. You're like a sneaky cat, Delia. I don't know what's wrong with you. Of the approx.120 folks at the precinct meeting on February 7th, pretty much 85-90% of us had come to terms to do the right thing and bring everything together for the future of Newton Co. and in one fell swoop, you pretty much tried to ruin all of that.

Why? That's a good question. Is your ego and sense of importance more important than the future of our county? If so, then that's YOUR problem. Or is it something else? Rumors abound, but I'm not going into that here.

I'm sorry, but with all due respect, I think it's time for you to move on. You need to write another letter to every delegate apologizing for your egregious actions and then I think you need to resign from the Newton Co. GOP.

Disappointingly Yours,

Marshall McCart

12 February 2015

A Write-up In Which I Discuss the Newton Co. County Attorney Situation with a UGA Football Reference/Analogy

I had originally written this over a month ago but decided to sit on it. Against better judgement, I decided to share it, in its entirety, right now. Remember, this is over a month ago. Lord knows, I wanted to edit some things, but then I was just like...Nah!

I'll add a new post with some new thoughts soon. In the meantime, enjoy!


So the Newton County Board of Commissioners voted last night to reappoint William Thomas Craig, Esquire, as the County Attorney of Newton County for one more year. This was not unexpected, but yet it remains quite the mystery why the elected members of the Newton Co. BOC won't even look at trying to find ways to curb the excessive spending that is required for these legal services.

As was mentioned by a number of folks, these expenses are simply outrageous! And way out of line with what other counties of similar size spend on legal services. Hell, right here in Newton Co., we see the City of Covington, with a much higher budget, spending way, way less than Newton Co. does.

Why does this continue to happen? Was JC Henderson right? Has Tommy Craig been the county attorney for 38 years? I was thinking it was more like 25. Surely not 38. God help us if so; are we really that fucking stupid? Regardless, I think anyone that has an ounce of common sense would tell you that it's a very bad idea to have the same County Attorney for so long. It seems intuitive that it would breed conflicts of interest. Having a financial interest in things that aren't in the best interests of Newton Co.? Not a problem. He gets paid either way. If he messes up, as he's done many times over the years, he just gets more money to fix his own screw-ups. Jeez! Good work if you can get it, I guess. Speaking of JC, I hope Tommy Craig bought him some flowers before that meeting. I mean WOW! I think they might have to rate the video of Tuesday's BOC meeting now. Keith Ellis wasn't far behind. Nor was John Douglas or Levie Maddox. Sickening... 

At least we had Nancy Shulz trying to fight the good fight. But then again, Craig's reappointment passed 5-0, so it's not like she really did a whole lot. But still, I appreciate her willingness to try to stand up for some fiscal sanity and respect for the citizenry. Over the years, I don't know how many times I've seen her fight and scrape for something that had no shot. Or how many times she's been willing to make a motion that needed to be made but for no one else to offer up a second. Or how many 4-1 votes there have been where she's the 1. Tell you what, sometimes I think she's the only one out of the bunch that has a set!

And now, time for a musical interlude. From the incomparable Elizabeth Cook:

Maybe the savior of Country Music. She's great, don't you think? 

Anyway, back on point:

As some of y'all may know, I'm a big fan of UGA football. As some of you may also know, we recently lost our Offensive Coordinator, Mike Bobo, after he took the Head Coach position at Colorado State. I'm happy for Bobo. He deserves it. I've pretty much been a Bobo fan for almost 20 years. We're the same age and both attended UGA at the same time. I watched and appreciated his playing career and have since done the same with his coaching career. Despite coordinating the most prolific offenses ever in the history of UGA football, even up until his final game on the staff, Bobo was much maligned and very much a polarizing figure for the Bulldog Nation.

After he took the CSU job, I was sad to see him go but thought, as many others did, if this wasn't ultimately a good thing moving forward. You see, there had always been that rift in the DawgNation about Bobo. Didn't matter about the stats, data, or other info showing that he was a superb OC, there were those, a whole bunch of 'em, who didn't like him and were never going to like him. The rift was just too wide.

And then I think about the Newton Co. BOC. And how they've said time and time again that Wm Thomas Craig was just the greatest thing ever for Newton Co. How he was a genius. How he loved this place. How much money he had saved the county (which for all the tens of millions he's been paid, that would be great if he was able to save a bit here or there, ammaright?). The problem, though, is this: based on polls and just based on an honest feel for the public sentiment, upwards of 80 to 90% of Newton Co just isn't buying it. The popular sentiment is that Craig - making more than just about any County Attorney in Georgia to a tune of upwards of $1 Million per year, and having been in the same position for over a generation (maybe two?), and having multiple conflicts of interest, and, as was all but confirmed by the BOC last night, found to be the one literally RUNNING the county - IS. THE. PROBLEM. The rift just seems too wide.

So...with all that said, I think it's time for William Thomas Craig, metaphorically speaking, to take the Colorado State job already.