16 April 2012

Well...I lied...again

4 years ago I said I was really gonna get back on the blogging vis-a-vis the East Metro Blog.

Didn't happen.

What can I say?

Why would you believe me anyway?!

You know I'm such a dirty liar!

But Just Wait!

I'm 'bout to get on it like Flaunit!
In addition to a few other endeavors and projects, things have been quite hectic w/ the new joint comin' down from them C-town CA$H Money Playuz aka MC Equinox, Sweetheart Logistics, A$cerTain and Fed Mo. For those of you not in the know, I manage, record, and mentor a group of some highly skilled, well-schooled, and Fed-hatin MC's who love to rap about individual freedom, limited government, and sound monetary policy. We've been working on their debut album and hope to see a release sometime in 2012. For a little teaser, here's an excerpt of some of the lyrics of their first single--"Dat Phiat Money"


Dat fiat money, gonna make ya frown
Dat fiat money, it bring da people down
Dat fiat money, it's a tool of da man
Dat fiat money, we gotta make a stand


[verse#1--MC Equinox}
Talkin' Austrian Economics,
Milton Friedman and what not,
Gotta base dat currency on a commodity

Gotta let dat free market work U see?

Na, Na, Na,

So what now ya'll?

See there--just a little snippet of what's coming down the pike. Very exciting. I hope to have a group photo up w/ in the next week or so and some MP3's up by the end of summer.

Carry On!
~Marshman Slim