20 May 2012

Down and Out in Columbus, GA

Strange thoughts and sensations this evening morning as I type this...the Doctor is asleep and snoring worse than any human possibly could. It's alright, though-I picked up some ear plugs at the Publix. But God, how can anyone possibly snore this loud?

Yesterday, we started with a fifth of Crown XR and pints of Crown Black, Regular, and Special Reserve. The XR is long gone, as is the Special Reserve, but a bit of the Black and regular remain; which, by the way, is a really good thing as I've been on the edge of the following emotions all night: despair, rage, fear, loathing, optimism, resignation, happiness, and rage...yes--I repeated rage.

If nothing else, the Georgia GOP convention was a keen reminder that you should never underestimate the ignorance and fear of some of these people. These are the same people who just a few months ago railed against Mitt but who now need knee pads to fully service their admiration of this absolute sell-out of a shill.

[This portion of the write-up currently redacted]

Until next time...

18 May 2012

Fear & Loathing in Columbus, GA

Is the "fear and loathing" thing played out and unoriginal at this point? Definitely, but that's never stopped me before.

Come this time tomorrow, I'll be sipping on some Crown XR and talking politics and shit with the Doctor. Saturday AM and we'll be in the thick of it. The Georgia GOP convention, that is. I am really, really looking forward to it...I honestly can't wait! Will it suck at times? I'm sure. Will I get agitated and irritated? Often, I'd assume. But...I'll be cool. And I think all of us RP folks are gonna be like Fonzi--we're gonna be cool, you know. But--we're going to let them know, through words and action, that they will have damned hard time winning this thing without us. And that, as HST would say, is the rub...

I'm going to be sending out some tweets ( @marshmanslim ) and some posts here (assuming that I get the laptop that FW3 is supposed to hook me up with). So, if you feel so inclined, check back some over the next couple of days.

Viva la r3VOLution!

In Peace & Freedom...

16 May 2012

Ron Paul ~ Where We At?!!

There's been much hand-wringing, sky-is-falling, ridiculous stuff flying around the internets lately regarding the announcement from the RonPaul2012 campaign on Monday. A lot of this stuff, or I should say, a lot of these people, are just simply f'ing clown shoes!

This write-up from Lew Rockwell sums things up nicely

And Jack Hunter, in a way that only he can, really gets to the heart of the matter here

And my own take on things over at www.unitedliberty.org , a blog I contribute to

For those of you who still think that the good Doctor sold out...don't let the door hit your ass on the way out!