17 December 2012

Random Bites: 17 December 2012

Well, according to some, the end of the world is only 3 days away, so I figured I should get at least one more post up on the East Metro Blog.

I've been hearing about the weirdness of the Denver Airport for years. According to multiple conspiracy theorists, it is the site of a super-bunker for the power elite if ever "the shit goes downs." But, I've heard from folks that have been there in person, and after seeing this article, I'm starting to wonder...

And in other news relating to the ongoing and continuous trend of POLICE STATE USA, here's this little piece about a misguided town in Arkansas. 

A friend of mine on Facebook, Sean Haugh, recounts his witnessing of the the North Carolina meeting of the Electoral College. Yep, hard to believe, it is already the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. Happened in every state of the Union and D.C. A really neat read. This is how it's decided...good stuff.

And the CT state police has decided that the 1st amendment does not exist, and that they have the power to go after journalists and bloggers in other states. This is response to some of the conspiracy theories going around? What a joke!  It almost makes you start to wonder...

The best journalist in America? 

A good read in re the social media reaction to the recent tragedy by Charlie Harper, editor of Peach Pundit. 

The UGA Hoop Dawgs are really, really, really bad this year. But...they might get a lot better by the end of the year. Lots of young talent. I hope we can win at least 8 or 9 more games to hopefully save Mark Fox's job for one more year.

One of my favorite Holiday songs. 

Alright, this will probably be it until 2013. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!