18 April 2015

4th District GOP Convention Hijinks & Shenanigans?

I wasn't there but...


The following happened, per multiple sources, at the 4th Congressional District GOP convention today in Conyers, GA:

  • In violation of GA GOP bylaws, guests and spectators were not allowed into the convention.
  • All persons present were forced to turn off all electronic devices.
  • Unlike the 10th District Convention , who wisely chose not to seat anyone from Newton Co., the 4th accepted the delegates from the contested Newton Co. convention. If the appeal that is winding its way towards the State Appeals Committee is ruled in favor of (which is what multiple sources are saying will happen) then the 4th Convention will have to be redone at some point in the future.

  • Eventually at one point during the convention, a motion was made to let the disenfranchised electors in. Apparently, one person - and only one person per multiple sources - was rude when the Sergeant-at-Arms made the offer to let folks in. Then, said S-O-A told the assembled body, per multiple sources inside the chamber, that everyone was rude.
  • But folks, that's not even the issue. As stated above, per GA GOP bylaws, it is this esteemed editor's understanding that spectators and guests must be allowed at all GOP conventions. So, another strike there. But, if the original appeal is accepted at the state level (and many indications are that it will be) then there will have to be another 4th convention done at some point after Newton Co. redoes their county convention since voided and non-valid delegates were sat. But, I would think that there's a strong possibility of a fresh appeal also being filed after the train wreck that this morning seemed to be. Nothing like a GOP Congressional District Convention redo in the month of July or August (or later), eh?
  • And again, the 10th didn't seat anybody from Newton Co. per multiple sources. Of course, they're not the seemingly dysfunctional and possibly [removed per advice of counsel] bunch that the folks running the 4th seem to be. To that point, this editor has heard from multiple sources that there has been some interesting things going on with the controlling power source within 4th GOP party.
  • As a member of the Newton Co. GOP said today - this is a very broken GOP. Too bad more people weren't willing or able to stand up and do the right thing in Conyers today. It's a shame. It's all just so very unfortunate...

  • Several folks have theorized that the power structure of the 4th GOP is made up of radical progressives who all infiltrated the party over a generation ago. Most of these folks were life-long Democrats, as we're told. Are these constant and continued violations of rules and all of these bad decisions being made an attempt to try to destroy the GOP's brand in Georgia? At least a few folks, apparently, think so.