29 June 2005

Liberty Action Network, Inc. unveils the "S.T.O.P" campain

This is an issue that we all must get together on.

S.T.O.P. Stop Taking Our Property!
Stop Eminent Domain Abuse! Restore Property Rights!

Is your home and property in jeopardy? Will the government seize your land?
Will your home become a Mall? Will you be paid “fair market value”?

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that local governments can seize your land/home and sale or give it to private developers for the purpose of generating more taxes.
This ruling has put your property and community in jeopardy!

Things you can do to S.T.O.P. it. Start with your local government.

City Councils- County Commissioners – State Reps. And Senators:
Call or FAX your council members, county and state officials and demand an ordinance/code that protects your property rights from private development. Attend work sessions and business meeting and speak on the issue. Demand your elected officials to go on the record in support of property rights.

For more information and assistance please contact: The S.T.O.P. Campaign
Office: 770-739-1543 Email: libactnet@yahoo.com
Write to: Libertarian Action Network, Inc. P.O. Box 582 Austell, Georgia 30168
Sign Online Petition: www.libact.net - Donations welcomed and needed!