27 June 2005

Supreme Court rolls out another dud

The Supreme Court has handed down two rulings concerning the display of the 10 commandments in courtrooms and on government property. In a usual 5-4 decision, the High Court said NO to the commandments in courthouses but yes to their display at state capitals and other government properties? Furthermore, the majority opinion written by David Souter, doesn't read very well at all; however, the dissenting view written up by Scalia is much better and makes much more sense. I know there are many libertarians who will disagree with me on this, but read the decision and really think about the fact that there is no clause about "seperation of church and state" anywhere in the Constitution. The First Amendment refers strictly to prohibiting a state-sanctioned religion i.e. how the Church of England was to Britain. The Founding Fathers refered to God and Judeo-Christain principles over and over again. You cannot discount that. So, I feel, once again--The Supreme Court has messed up again--

text of first decision:

2nd decision: