14 July 2005

Fighting the Good Fight

During a time when it seems that a lot of Georgia libertarians are stuck in an inertia-type rut, or just wanting to "talk the talk" rather than "walk the walk", it is very refreshing indeed to see James Bell and the Libertarian Action Network, Inc. out there doing their thing to advance the cause of liberty. While some libertarians think its better to just "spread the word" or simply field symbolic candidates, L.A.N. Inc. is truly an "action" organization in the traditional sense of the word. Please visit their webpage at www.libact.net and see what this dynamic organization is up to. In particular, pay attention to the S.T.O.P. campaign as we, the East Metro Libertarians, will be working in concert with L.A.N. until there is not a threat of improper eminent domain in the 7 county east metro area.

And now, in what will become a weekly tradition,

The East Metro Shoutouts:

Jason Pye--Henry Co. LP chair who has been in the printed and televised media several times in the recent weeks. We will be working together w/ Jason and the Henry LP during the S.S.#17 race next fall and we look forward to working w/ them.
James Bell--for the aforementioned reasons.
The Covington News--for giving our article front page coverage
The manager at Stevi B's (can't remember his name)--for being Johnny on the Spot and taking such good care of us.