08 July 2005

Our thoughts and prayers are with our British brothers and sisters

A lot of us come from at least a partial British lineage, and of course, we as a country, came from Great Britain, so there is a strong kinship and a lot of feelings that we have for our distant relatives across the pond. Therefore, the sadness, anger and rage are especially strong today. Strange thoughts and feelings on this Friday morning. I can't speak for the East Metro Libertarians as a whole, but personally, I hope they track down the cowards that did this and kill them dead. If it was the work of Islamic terrorists (which seems likely), then it is yet another example of why we need to track these vicious S.O.B.'s down and exterminate them like rodents. And while I personally am not in favor of the Iraqi occupation, I, along with many, many Libertarians, am fully in support of the War On Terror in which we take the fight to these thugs and hopefully kill as many as possible. As many others have said, probably much better than I can, there is no understanding or logic w/ these Lunatics. All they know is killing; therefore, we should help give them a complete understanding of that word. And it's not because of Iraq, or Israel, or Afghanistan, or any other reason. The Lunatic fringe of the Islamic faith has been around for 1500 years and will continue into the foreseeable future. It didn't start with 9/11, nor with the U.S.S. Cole, or the embassy bombings in Africa...it goes way, way back. The Olympic hostage incident in '72, the continued terror, bombings, and wars against Israel over the last 50 years, Islamic aggression during the 1,000-1,500 A.D. period through Europe. Most people forget that we came real close to losing all of Europe during that period. And hey--I might sound like Bush here, but I'll say it--We're right and They're wrong. They are Evil. They should die.

My deepest sympathies go to our British brothers and sisters. As Bush said shortly after 9/11, America has no greater ally than England, and hopefully the British know that it is true the other way. May God Bless the U.K.