31 August 2005

Comments on Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class

This past Saturday, 3 East Metro Libertarians(myself included), along w/ about 20 other freedom-lovers attended Mr. Badnarik's Constitution class in Atlanta. Mr. Badnarik was the 2004 candidate for President for the Libertarian Party. The class which is based on his amazing book--"Good To Be King"--is an 8 hour primer on the Constitution, what it's supposed to be, and how far off track we have become, and what we can do to turn the tide. This class was an experience I will soon not forget. Mr. Badnarik is, in my words, a man of Truth–he tells it like it is in a clear and concise way. He will rattle your cage and he is most certainly an iconoclast. To be honest, there is a certain amount of fear and dread that you will experience as you begin to “see the light". But, it is worth it. When you walk out of the class, the fear transforms into courage. You are energized…ready to fight the good fight!!! America belongs to us–We the People–and it’s up to each and every one of us to make it happen! That’s really the thing with Badnarik’s class. He prepares us for road ahead. And knowing that there is a patriot like him, and knowing that there are numerous others out there–makes the task seem much less daunting. I recommend this class to anyone who believes in the libertarian ideals of individual rights, social and economic freedom, and less government intervention.Thank you Mr. Badnarik