22 August 2005

Write Your congressman in support of H.R. 25

To look up and get contact info or to send an electronic letter to your Congressman, go to:

Here is a sample of a letter I sent to the Honorable David Scott:

Hello sir...hope all is well with you. First off, I would like to explain that I am a Libertarian in terms of political affiliation; however, I have been very impressed with you and what you've been doing in D.C. I think that many other Libertarians, as well as independents and Republicans would say the same. You seem to be a good, fair, and decent man...Lord knows, we need more like you.

With that said, here is why I am writing:
I am writing to ask to take a very close and serious look at H.R. 25--The Fair Tax Bill. It is a good bill, it might be the thing that saves our country from certain financial ruin. I mean, let's face it Mr. Scott, Social Security and Medicare are running on borrowed time. Several prominent and well-respected economists agree that the FairTax would double the size of our economy in 15-20 years which would lead to a corresponding increase in govt. revenues. Furthermore, we would bring back billions of lost dollars when businesses come back to the country after having left due to harsh tax codes. The time has come for America to have a tax that makes sense, and a tax that is fair. The income tax is a bad, bad thing...we all know it. So let's do something about it. Change is in the air, Mr. Scott...we are on the verge of a political renaissance in which freedom and individual rights are what is considered when it comes to government decisions. The times they are a changin...It would be nice to have you on board. What do you say, Mr. Scott? Will you support the FairTax?