20 May 2012

Down and Out in Columbus, GA

Strange thoughts and sensations this evening morning as I type this...the Doctor is asleep and snoring worse than any human possibly could. It's alright, though-I picked up some ear plugs at the Publix. But God, how can anyone possibly snore this loud?

Yesterday, we started with a fifth of Crown XR and pints of Crown Black, Regular, and Special Reserve. The XR is long gone, as is the Special Reserve, but a bit of the Black and regular remain; which, by the way, is a really good thing as I've been on the edge of the following emotions all night: despair, rage, fear, loathing, optimism, resignation, happiness, and rage...yes--I repeated rage.

If nothing else, the Georgia GOP convention was a keen reminder that you should never underestimate the ignorance and fear of some of these people. These are the same people who just a few months ago railed against Mitt but who now need knee pads to fully service their admiration of this absolute sell-out of a shill.

[This portion of the write-up currently redacted]

Until next time...