29 July 2012

Free Ademo ~ On the Front Lines of Freedom

Ademo Freeman is a true Advocate of Liberty. He lives in the 'shire (New Hampshire) along with many other freedom lovers as part of the Free State Project (http://freestateproject.org/ ).  I had the pleasure of meeting Ademo back in the Spring of 2008 when he and two others liberty activists were touring around the country in MARV, a very noticeable and striking RV that had messages of Freedom & Liberty on it. These gentleman attended meetings, met with people, and basically just tried to spread the good word all throughout America. They came through Covington, GA where they were the guests of a local Libertarian Party meeting.

Right now, Ademo is facing 21 years in prison. What, exactly, you may ask, is his crime? Recording public officials in the course of their public duties...I'm serious. You can read more here: http://www.copblock.org/18279/decades-for-accountability/  Also, check out this video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e-ojh5Pey0&feature=player_embedded

This is the front lines of freedom, people.

And let me stress this--I am not anti-police. I respect and appreciate good and honest officers of the law; however, the growing trend of having a police state in our country is nothing short of disturbing. They may skew on the Anarchy side a bit, but I am a big fan of Ademo's group, CopBlock. You should like their FB page when you get a chance: http://www.facebook.com/CopBlock

I hope things go well for him, and I hope the D.A will just drop the charges or at least offer a plea deal with a completely suspended sentence with no probation.