19 February 2013

Shorter Hank Johnson: Newton County does not exist

 UPDATE 2.21.13: After hitting Peach Pundit (thanks to Bridget C. for picking it up) this morning, actions were taken pretty quickly it seems. At some point in the afternoon, I got a tweet from a fellow who is apparently Johnson's Congressional Communications Director thanking me for bringing the Newton situation to his attention. And as of at least a few hours ago, Rep. Johnson's page has now included Newton!

The process at work. A beautiful thing...

Original post:

So...for the last few weeks I've called, emailed, and tweeted Hank Johnson's office to tell them they needed to update their district map and information as they were still showing the pre-redistricted 4th.

So naturally I was quite delighted when I saw that the map had finally been updated complete with a new write-up of the 4th. All sorts of historical and interesting info pertaining to Dekalb, Rockdale, and Gwinnett counties and even links to those respective county governments and school systems. Notice anything? If you're not from this area, you might not. Look at the write-up again. Anything missing? Newton County is missing!

At this point, we just don't know if it's incompetence, or maybe Rep. Johnson and his staffers simply don't know that Newton is part of the 4th (which, I suppose, would fall under incompetence). Maybe they're just messing with that white guy that kept sending multiple communications talking about it (if that's the case, I only called, emailed, and tweeted one time each, for a total of 3 times).

Perhaps Rep.Johnson just doesn't like Newton County...maybe he hates Newton County!

Newton Co. would like to have a nice little write-up about its history and local information too, Rep. Johnson. We'd like to be a part of the party. Sure, you'll probably hit your lowest numbers here compared to the rest of the district, but we'd like to be included!

Equality for Newton County!!!