20 February 2013

The East Metro Round-up, 2.21.13

Today's menu: a sampling of National, State, and Local:

Julie Borowski hits it out of the park again. This time taking on the asinine push for a $9 minimum wage. Her videos are always smart, insightful, and funny.

How bad is Dekalb Co. right now? It's pretty bad. Line of the article: "D-e-K-a-l-b, a political subdivision in Georgia, pronounced, 'debacle,' as in 'a sudden and ignominious failure, a fiasco.'"

Perrin Lovett, a gentleman and a scholar, not to mention a superb political and legal mind, has a very, very interesting write-up in re Posse Comitatus. Bordering on book length, but a great read.

And another one from United Liberty - "Why We Need to Audit the Fed!"

And...NEWSFLASH: John Boehner and the GOP D.C.establishment suck! (they're part of the problem)

To turn to college football, the Senator has a killer write-up on the situation at the U (And by the way, the NCAA sucks, too!) 

Liberty-themed musical selection: The Animals. "It's my Life!"