17 February 2008

Back in the Saddle!

At one time, I really was doing the "blogging" thing quite a bit. But as with most aspects of my life, I got bored and moved on to other things. But, now I'm ready to blog like a mutha-f*cka. I'm gonna try to blog at least one thing every day and possible multiple blogs per day (If I'm feelin' it, yo?!). So, to my dedicated readers(or reader...or nobody) who have been waiting about 350 days for a new blog--Here it is.

For the next few days I'm going to be rolling out some of my "greatest hits" --previous blogs that I thought we're pretty good. I'll be mixing in some fresh stuff and I will be making a point to make the "East Metro Shoutouts!" a regular weekly standard.

Ahhhh Yeaaahhhhhh!!!!
Rollin' on the East Metro....