18 February 2008

[Re-Post]--Welcome to the Communist States of America

*Blogger's Note: This is a re-post

Ahhh Comrades...so good for you to stop by...

Suprised by the title, well, grab some Stoli's and your sickle & hammer and get ready to understand why we are indeed a communist nation. And yes, this concept has been written about by Boortz & Badnarik and a slew of others and they probably summed it up much better
but this is my take on it:

Karl Marx mentioned 10 Planks of Communism. America, to some degree or another, has all 10.

The Ten Planks of Communism:
1.Abolition of Private Property
2. A Progressive Income Tax
3. Abolition of Inheritance
4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels
5. A Central Bank
6. Centralization of communications and transportation
7. Extension of factories and instruments of Production into the hands of the State
8. Equal Liability of all to Labor
9. Combinations of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industries
10. Free Education for all Children

1. Abolition of Private Property--There is no such thing as true private property in America right now. First of all, Zoning laws compromise your true ownership of land. Also, if you pay property taxes, you are in essence, renting your ownership. And finally, with widespread cases of eminent Domain abuse and as evidenced by the state legistlature this past session, the concept of true private property is simply a joke now. And now, as of the infamous Supreme Court Decision of 6.23.5, Karl Marx is smiling fondly from his grave.

2. A Progressive Income Tax--Enough Said

3. Abolition of all rights of Inheritance--This kind of ebbs and flows from time to time depending on who's in power. Right now things are looking good; however, at some point in the future liberals and socialist will eventually take control of our country and I believe you will see this plank come to fruition within the next 20-50 years.

4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels--As of right now, there are several federal agencies that can confiscate and sell your land without giving you due process of law. For most people, this pertains to drug dealers and tax evaders; however, a little known law from 1997 allows the government to do this to people who speak out against the government i.e. me. And let's not forget the patriot act.

5. A Central Bank-- In our case, known as the Federal Reserve. It is a semi-private/loosely quasi-government corporation which makes fiat money out of nothing and then lends it to the government at interest. It is a diabolical and evil cartel that should be done away with.

6. Centralization of Communications and Transportation--This one is also a real no-brainer. FCC and DOT are obvious choice; however, there other regulatory agenices on the federal and state levels that add more government interference with these issues. Transportation is a big one for me--with the concept of "implied consent", the government feels that you should have ZERO rights whenever traveling on a public road. There does exist, in my mind, a constitutional right to travel that the government is infringing upon with this so-called "implied constent". So therefore, once again, constitutional rights are being trampled on by statuatory and regulatory actions.

7. Extension of factories and instruments of Production into the hands of the State--this refers to government control of agriculture and manufacturing. Think of the Department of Agriculture spending millions of dollars every year on subsidies, payments, fees, monies paid to farmers not to plant certain items, etc. Also, the Dept. of the Interior.

8. Equal Liability of all Labor--Social Security, Department of Labor, OSHA, etc.

9. Combinations of Agriculture with Manufacturing Industries; Regional Planning--regional planning does exist in this country with the Planning Reorganization Act of 1949 and a couple of odd executive orders

10. Free Education for all Children--public education, Dept. of Education