19 May 2005

Article about one congressman's fight against illegal alien amnesty

One Reporter's Opinion – Speak Up for Tom Tancredo

George Putnam Friday, May 20, 2005

It is this reporter's opinion that it is time to rally around Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado in the battle against the illegal invasion and his efforts to preserve the sovereignty of the United States of America.
Tancredo recently blasted the amnesty legislation introduced by Senators Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R-Ariz. This legislation would grant LEGAL STATUS to the millions of illegal aliens currently in the country. It would require taxpayers to cough up additional money on top of the billion already earmarked by Congress to provide health care free of charge to illegal aliens.
Kennedy and McCain, sponsors of this amnesty plan, bill it as "a way to improve border security," despite the fact that it contains few if any such provisions. What it does provide is instant amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who have broken our laws.
Tancredo says, "There might be a little more lipstick on this pig than there was before, but it's certainly the same old pig." He concludes: "Time and time again history has shown us that amnesty increases illegal immigration. There is a word for doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result, and that word is INSANITY."
This will not win Tancredo any friends at the White House. It is recalled that when he last visited Karl Rove, the Bush ayatollah, and spoke of the illegal invasion, Rove told Tancredo to leave the office and not to "darken the doorstep again." Rove, who speaks for the president, told the Republican hierarchy not to support Tancredo financially and actually suggested they find another Republican to run against him.
More recently, credible sources within the Border Patrol told Tancredo of a decision by Naco, Arizona, supervisors to keep new arrests on the border between Arizona and Mexico to a minimum in order to make the Minutemen appear less effective. Says Tancredo: "It's like telling a cop to stand by and watch burglars loot a store but don't arrest any of them. It's another example of decisions at the highest levels of the Border Patrol that are hurting morale and rotting the agency from within."
Tancredo blames the Bush administration for setting an immigration enforcement tone that suggests to those enforcing the law that he is not serious about secure borders. "We need to get the president to come to grips with the seriousness of the problem. I know he doesn't like to utter the words 'I was wrong,' but if we have another incident like 9/11 by people who come through our borders, I hope he doesn't have to say, 'I'm sorry.'"
The latest attack on Tancredo comes from fellow Republican representative Chris Cannon of Utah. His exact words: "I don't think there is a place in the Republican Party for racism or xenophobia or ideas fundamentally un-American."
Tancredo faces continuing battles with elements of his own party. He courageously defended the cause when he went up against Representatives Cannon, Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, and a room full of Hispanic business leaders at a forum hosted by the Latino Coalition. Cannon's outrageous remarks should not go unanswered.
An example of how low the attacks on Tancredo have become is when an element in Denver tried to hold Tancredo somehow responsible in the murder of Detective Donald Young and the wounding of Detective John Bishop by illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez, who reportedly fled to Mexico. What a stretch!
Garcia-Gomez had used false documentation to get a job at the Cherry Cricket Restaurant, owned in part by Denver, Colorado, Mayor John Hickenlooper. How about that? The mayor of the city hiring an illegal alien!
It is time to speak up for Tom Tancredo. Send a few letters to the editor of the Rocky Mountain News, Congressman Cannon's office, and the GOP. It's time to rally around the flag and let your voice be heard for this great patriot, Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado.