12 May 2005

SB 90 about to become REALITY

Well...Ole' Sonny signed SB 90 into law. This is truly a sad time for freedom lovers everywhere. Now that we have accepted the fact that business owners and property owners have no rights, how long will it be until they really start sticking it to us? This is absolute B.S. and the time has come for action. Go the the state legislature page at www.legis.state.ga.us and write to every S.O.B. who voted for this thing in either chamber. And write to Perdue as well! This gives the L.P. ammunition for the 2006 elections. Anyone who voted for this (which includes Doug Holt and John Douglas) has officialy declared that they are anti-freedom, anti-business, and anti-property rights. We need to start getting these words out there about these folks. We need for the folks in the East Metro Atlanta area to start equating Holt, Douglas, et al w/ socialist state, nanny govt. supporters.