25 May 2005

Ron Paul--A True American Patriot

Between Liberal hacks like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and Teddy "Dripping Wet" Kennedy and Republicans such as Tom Delay and Bill Frist, it is refreshing to find one man in the halls of congress who is a true American Patriot--a freedom lover and a supporter of individual rights. That Man is Ron Paul (R-TX), a member of the house of representatives for many years, he exemplifies what a true politician should be. Technically a Republican, he is a card carrying member of the LP and ran for president on the LP ticket in the 80's . I consider Mr. Paul to be my "adopted" representative in Congress. Find out more about this amazing man:

http://www.house.gov/paul/ --his congressional page

www.ronpaul.org --his website

www.ronpaul.net --a campain page

www.house.gov/paul/openingpage.htm --Project Freedom

Write Mr. Paul and let him know that you appreciate his unique gift to our Republic, and also let him know that you would like for him to be your "adopted" representative. Also ask him to be the LP candidate for President in 2008!