21 May 2005

What will happen to state budget surplus? Libertarian Action Network, Inc. weighs in...

Libertarian Action Network, Inc.
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Give Back Our Money!” Georgia Libertarian Group Says Fears $200 Million Revenue Surplus will be squandered

Atlanta Ga.- May 12, 2005: While Georgia Republicans and Democrats fight over what should happen to over $200 million in state revenue surplus, Libertarians say the money should be returned to the taxpayers.James Bell, director of the Libertarian Action Network, Inc. (L.A.N) said he wants the money returned to it rightful owners; the taxpayers of Georgia. “Libertarians are fed up with the tax and spend mentality of the two (political) parties”, Bell said. “The more we allow them to collect, the more they will spend; there’s no end to it!”Bell said he was pleased with Governor Sonny Purdue’s handling of the state budget when he first came into office. Revenue collections were down and the Governor did the responsible thing to order a 10% across the board cut in agency spending. But with a growing surplus Bell fears the state will simple find ways to spend the surplus then turn around and take more from the taxpayers.Bell points out that in spite of the budget cuts, the state government managed to operate with little effect on services rendered. When revenues are lower than expected, agencies are forced to tighten their belts and use the funds available to them, as most households must do. “This is the responsible thing to do”, Bell said.Libertarians have long advocated less government, lower taxes and have been responsible for helping to reducing spending across the country by billions of dollars. Kathryn Weitzel, assistant director for LAN said the Republican Party had a chance to show the voters of Georgia that they could be fiscally responsible with our tax dollars, instead they choose to grow the government by $1 billion, giving tax payers no relief.“Before (Republican leadership) our concern was the liberal spending of the Democrats, now we have to keep the Republican hands out of the cookie jar”, Weitzel said. “As the Republicans again control of the budget process, we see little difference in the way the government is operated, the citizens of Georgia need a tax break”.Libertarian Action Network, Inc. is an independent libertarian organization founded in 2004 by activists dedicated to advancing libertarian ideals through direct political action projects. LAN is not an affiliate of the Libertarian Party.

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